Construcciones Felipe Castellano,

wants to transmit, its organization and trajectory in order to make its idea of expansion and growth known in greater depth and detail. In previous years, there has been a great increase in production which has caused the growth and consolidation of the company in its market, by way of the execution of different types of projects, but always with the vocation and principle end of Greater Client Satisfaction.
One of the company guidelines is the increase in quality of the constructive processes. To achieve this, Do Things Right the First Time is called for, introducing this theme in the company’s quality policy.


In general terms, our future short and medium term goals are:

  • Increase the quality and safety levels in construction work.
  • Maximum client satisfaction.
  • Diversification of clients and projects.
  • Option of long term and maintenance contracts.
  • Increase volume of sales.
Construcciones Felipe Castellano - Historia


Since its creation in 1966 with the figure of Mr. Felipe Castellano Merino, and as of 1989 as a corporation, Construcciones Felipe Castellano is prefectly consolidated in the construction sector, executing a wide diversity of projects.

Construcciones Felipe Castellano - Organizacion Empresa

Organization Chart

Construcciones Felipe Castellano’s organizational chart is structured according to the most current organizational models and with the basic criterion of achieving optimum performance at all levels, from decision to execution.

Construcciones Felipe Castellano - Clientes


Construcciones Felipe Castellano, has increased in the last years the client portfolio. It encompasses both public bodies and private companies, both nationally and internationally.

Construcciones Felipe Castellano - Futuro

Plans For The Future

Quality, training, safety and the environment are the pillars on which the future of Construcciones Felipe Castellano is based.