Construcciones Felipe Castellano - Historia


Since its creation in 1966 with the figure of Mr. Felipe Castellano Merino, and as of 1989 as a corporation, Construcciones Felipe Castellano is prefectly consolidated in the construction sector, executing a wide diversity of projects.

Presently, and given the competitivity and demand of the sector, the company is immersed in an expansion process, looking for greater coverage of its activities and market. One of the company’s challenges has always been to integrate the three management systems, (Quality, Security and Environmental), seeking continuous improvement of its policies and processes, in addition to the development of policies to provide answers and knowledge to all the interested parties (Clients, Suppliers and Personnel).

All the human and technical effort of these forty years in the life of Construcciones Felipe Castellano, has allowed it to posses the Governmental Classification of Contrators, with the highest level (F), which grants the capacity of taking on construction work of high economic dimensions.

It also has an ample diversity of classification groups which allows it to carry out different type projects such as Excavation Work, Civil Work, Engineering, Installations, Restoration, etc…