Construcciones Felipe Castellano - Planes de Futuro

Plans For The Future


In order to achieve the satisfaction of all of its clients, it will remain compulsory to instill the idea that Quality Concerns Us All to all the personnel and collaborators.

This maxim, in addition to the company slogan: Do Things Right the First Time, provides an excellent tool in order to reach the proposed objectives.

Work Portfolio

We want to have a greater diversity in the work portfolio so as to achieve sufficient capacity to execute more complex projects by way of the application of new technologies.


Another fundamental aspect in order to consolidate the future is continuous training of the workers, so as to develop the technical, intellectual and productive capacity and in addition, achieve an atmosphere of prosperity and progress among the personnel.

Safety and Enviroment

We are exercising a continual effort to increase the safety level at the sites, providing sufficient means and demanding their continuous and correct utilization. In addition to this, we are working on the gradual reduction of environmental impacts that could be produced in the execution of diverse projects, consequently creating habits in worker conduct.