Corporate Responsability

Construcciones Felipe Castellano - Responsabilidad Corporativa


The management of this company, aware of the environmental impact of its construction activities, is committed to maintaining our Environmental Management System, designed to meet the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001:2015 and which is reviewed annually as a framework for setting environmental objectives.

In order to achieve these environmental objectives, we always have in mind that environmental management belongs to everyone. In this way, we were able to put into practice our motto: “To develop our activity in an environment that respects the environment“. For its achievement, an Environmental Management Committee is established in the company. At present, our Environmental Management System is certified under ISO 14001: 2004.

Construcciones Felipe Castellano - Responsabilidad Corporativa

Quality Policy

The management of this company, as part of its philosophy of reaching a new step every day, in its continuous effort to be more competitive, and counting on the invaluable support of its employees and collaborators, is committed to comply with the requirements and with the better efficiency of our Quality Management System based on ISO-9001: 2015, to increase the efficiency of our company in the interest of full satisfaction of our customers.

That is why I, José Castellano Moreno, as Administrator of Construcciones Felipe Castellano, S.A.U., and on behalf of all the staff that includes this great family, I commit myself to continue maintaining the following main aspects of our company:

  • Personalized attention.
  • Estimate with no obligation.
  • Maintain a good quality-price ratio.
  • Effective Technical Office.
  • Execution of projects of diverse constructive nature.
  • Human resources, auxiliary means and own machineries.
  • Final Quality Verification.
  • Compliance with the expected delivery time.
  • Agile after-sales service
  • Guaranteed product.

To achieve these objectives, we always keep in mind that quality is everyone’s business, and in this way, together we can put into practice our motto, “Do things right the first time“, so that you will enjoy for a long time to the full satisfaction of the result of our joint effort.

José Castellano Moreno