Construcciones Felipe Castellano- Afanas Centro de Menores

The City Council will give Afanas another plot for the juvenile center

Construcciones Felipe Castellano- Afanas Centro de Menores

The mayor, David de la Encina, accompanied by Councilors of Social Welfare, José Antonio Oliva, and Equality, Matilde Roselló, visited yesterday the facilities of the new Center for the Internment of Juvenile Offenders that has been built on a plot of the industrial estate of Las Salinas de Poniente, and to which will be transferred 72 children who are currently serving sentences at the Las Aletas juvenile center.

The municipal officials were led by leaders of the construction company Felipe Castellano and members of the board of Afanas, with its president Antonia Garcia to the front. Also attending the visit was the architect who designed the complex, José Luis Rodicio, and also the director of the juvenile center of Las Aletas, José Carlos Albert. The center stands on a plot of 7,500 square meters that was ceded unanimously in Plenary by the previous government team, and has been built in ten months by the construction company Felipe Castellanos. The works of the complex are already finished, so that only the installation and commissioning of an electric transformation center is necessary for commissioning, which Endesa must take care of with Industry approval.

The facilities are built on a single floor and consist of eight differentiated modules. As explained during the visit the managers of Afanas who will be in charge of managing the complex, each of the 8 modules has 8 rooms for juvenile offenders, which are similar to cells, as they have metal doors with peephole and security windows. In addition, each module has its own independent patio, living room and living room, as well as a room for the educator of the juvenile inmates. In addition, there are common areas, which include management offices, workshops and classrooms to teach, as well as a gym and an exchange area to receive visits, all with mandatory security measures and a large wall that Surrounds the entire perimeter, since it is a compliance center.

The cost of the work has been raised to 3,300,000 euros, of which 1,400,000 euros have been contributed by the Provincial Council, although the rest has been financed with bank loans to the association Afanas El Puerto and Bahia, based on An agreement signed with the Public Enterprise of Soils of Andalusia (EPSA). Although the juvenile center is intended for males (aged between 14 and 18 years), one of the modules could be used for the reinsertion of adolescent girls.

The division into progression modules is designed for the social and work reintegration of the juvenile offender, which will go from one module to another until a system of semi-open regime. The desire of Afanas El Puerto and Bahia is that the center can be implemented before the end of the year, in October or November, although everything is at the expense of the installation of the electrical transformation center. The Afanas bid to manage the center begins on January 1, 2016, when the facilities would have to be in operation.

In addition to what was built, Mayor David de la Encina announced yesterday that the City Council will give Afanas another additional plot to build sports and other facilities to expand this internment center. This new plot, whose transfer to Afanas could be carried out in full in October, has an area of ​​3,400 square meters, which will be added to these 7,500 meters in the street Arquímedes.

Mayor David de la Encina emphasized «Afanas’ ability to make positive circumstances in society that are a priori negative, such as juvenile offenders. This center,» he added, «makes us a banner of a public service vocation that has to have Our society in the face of such serious problems as juvenile delinquency «, all with high quality standards. Finally, he highlighted the creation of employment that has meant the construction of the building, which has given work to 80 people for 10 months. In addition, it will maintain employment in the care aspect, with almost 100 professionals who will care and provide coverage to the minors.